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E-Learning Modules for CT and PT Operators

India has made great strides towards universal toilet access as a result of the Swaccha Bharat Mission. Community and public toilets have augmented household toilets and are a key component of the mission. Well trained sanitation workers are critical to sustaining these gains and achieving the public health and environmental goals of providing universal toilet access. Toilet Board Coalition and WASH Institute have developed e-learning modules to help train and certify CT and PT operators, specifically in cleaning and maintenance of toilets. The modules are available in Hindi and can be used by facilitators to lead in-class learning or to provide digitally assisted e-learning.

After completing this video course, a toilet operator will:
•    Become better at their job
•    Be able to maintain the facility independently
•    Be able to achieve desired ratings in Swacch Survekshan

Guidelines-Roles & Responsibilities

This video is a brief introduction to the concept of star rated toilet facility and talks briefly about the roles and responsibilities of a star-rated toilet operator.

It acts as a base for the below eight videos/ modules.


Soft Skills Requirement

Soft skills are non-technical skills that reflect one’s communication style and work ethic.


In this video, we will see what kind of behaviour is expected from a star-rated toilet operator, how he must treat the consumers and how important it is to maintain a healthy relationship with the facility’s Supervisor.


Personal Hygiene

Cleanliness is very important, not only in society but also for us, since it directly affects our health. A toilet operator at his/ her workplace is surrounded by germs and pathogens that spread diseases.


In this video, we will see what a toilet operator must do to maintain his hygiene.


Personal Safety

In a work environment like a toilet facility, Personal Protective Equipment or PPE becomes important for the protection against pathogens and accidents.


In this video, we will see various types of PPE required by a toilet operator and what precautions an operator must take to ensure his/ her personal safety.


Use of Cleaning Chemicals

In this video, we will see what are the different chemicals required by a toilet operator to ensure the cleanliness of the entire toilet and what should be taken care of before using these chemicals.


Cleaning Procedure

An operator must follow a checklist to maintain the toilet facility.


In this video, we will see what cleaning sequence and procedure should be followed by an operator to maintain the cleanliness of the facility.


Cleaning Equipment

With the right tools, one can work more efficiently and get the job done right.


In this video, we will see what different tools a toilet operator needs for cleaning the facility and how to maintain them.


Waste Disposal

Toilet facility generates various solid waste and liquid waste. An operator must know how and where to dispose of them.


In this video, we will see the different types of waste generated from toilet facilities and their proper disposal.


Handling Emergency

Any workplace can face an emergency, and the caretaker of the facility needs to be prepared for various kinds of emergencies.


In this video, we will see how a toilet operator should handle various situations arising at the workplace.

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