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Collection Overview

This collection is a compilation of key topics in Fecal Sludge and Septage Management (FSSM), designed as a part of the online FSSM training modules developed by WASH Institute. With 12 topics each having a seat time of 5-15 minutes, these modules are designed to make your learning engaging and exciting using latest technology on e-learning.

​Ideal for practitioners or anyone curious about FSSM, the collection can also be used as a refresher for those who have already undergone training on these topics.

Spare a few minutes to learn and explore!

E-Modules: Course Overview

Estimating Fecal Sludge Generation for a City/Town

Are you planning FSSM for a city and wondering how much Fecal sludge (FS) gets generated?

Estimation of fecal sludge is an early requirement for planning management of fecal sludge for a town or a city. This exercise guides learners to estimate the fecal sludge produced in their town or city using different methods. It lists the data required to assess FS generation by each method and draws comparisons among the three methods. Through practical exercises, learners understand how to estimate fecal sludge.

E-Modules: Course Overview

Estimating Truck Requirement for a City/Town

Have you ever wondered if the number of desludging trucks is sufficient for your city?

Desludging vehicles are a major linkage in the sanitation value chain, they are essential for emptying and transportation of the fecal sludge. Too few would mean untimely and inefficient desludging service and too many would drain the corporation’s resources.

Learn how to estimate the right number of trucks for your town or city!

E-Modules: Course Overview

Personal Protective Equipment for Desludging

Faecal sludge desludging operators face many risks at their workplace and the correct usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can mitigate some of these risks.

Do you know the correct equipment for the job? Play this game to find out!

E-Modules: Course Overview

Fecal Sludge Treatment Technologies Part 1

There are many ways to treat fecal sludge, but which set of technology would be the right combination for your town or city?

This module will help you come up with the right combination for you.

E-Modules: Course Overview

Fecal Sludge Treatment Technologies Part 2

Are you ready for more treatment technology to add to your knowledge bank? This sequel will give you more technology options to choose from.

E-Modules: Course Overview

FSSM Regulations

The treatment technology and trucks are only the tangible parts of FSSM, there is a lot more to it! Regulations or policies is the glue that holds the system together and ensures the smooth implementation of the system.

Step into the shoes of a city’s commissioner and learn what goes into creating regulations for FSSM!

E-Modules: Course Overview

Co-treatment of Fecal Sludge

Co-treatment is said to be the quickest way to manage FS, but do you know the steps involved in getting this done? Take this course which explains in detail the 7 stages for implementing co-treatment

E-Modules: Course Overview

Overview of FS Treatment Technologies

Did you know that Fecal sludge and sewage are treated differently? Take this course to learn about the various stages of FS treatment and the technology options available for each of these stages

E-Modules: Course Overview

Site selection for FSTP

Are you trying to choose a location for FSTP? See this video to learn about what parameters to consider before you finalize

E-Modules: Course Overview

Deep Row Entrenchment

Is implementing FSSM in your city taking too much time?

You can choose to safely dispose fecal sludge and septage while you are setting up FSSM systems. Watch this video to learn about this intermediate alternative - deep row entrenchment!

E-Modules: Course Overview

Business Models in FSM

"Fecal Sludge Management is beyond just infrastructure creation", we have heard every expert say this. But what does it take to create a sustainable and citizen friendly FSSM system? Take this course to learn about everything else that needs to be considered to setup a robust FSSM system, with real case studies and business models from India.

E-Modules: Course Overview

Gender Inclusiveness in FSM

In order to provide sanitation to everyone, we need to understand their needs. This module helps you understand the importance of gender inclusive sanitation. Take this module as a first step towards inclusive sanitation.

E-Modules: Course Overview

Build your FSTP

This module will help you in understanding how to go about actually building a Fecal Sludge Treatment Plant, and that too through a fun game!
Help the City Council of Sheetalpur build a FSTP!

E-Modules: Course Overview
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